Tobogganing - Sledding

.. a funny and wild toboggan run needs to be in your holiday plan?

What would a winter holiday in the mountains be without a fun sledding session for the whole family? Numerous natural sled runs in the region will provide especially glowing experiences.

Natural sled run on the Gaisberg

If you're still have power in the evening there would be the possibilty of tobbogganing. The natural sled run on the Gaisberg awaits. Here, the 4-person chair lift brings you comfortable upwards, before you glide down with the sleds over the 3.5km long run. An unforgettable pleasure at night! Thanks to the floodlights, you can continue sledding until late in the evening.

Brixenbach Sled Run

The Brixenbach Sled Run is lovely: first you hike along the run to the top, where you join in the sliding experience in the Brixenbachalm at a rustic lodge party. Then you can quickly go down to the valley together. Immense fun for young and old!



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