Summer events

just a quick overview of some events

  • Speascht
  • Hengstauftrieb
  • Int. Gesangsvereinstreffen
  • Antlassritt
  • KitzAlpBike
  • Burning Lederhose Festival 
    mit VOXXCLUB and Friends
  • Int. Musikkapellentreffen
  • Bezirksmusikfest
  • Knödelfest
  • Oldtimertreffen
  • Bergleuchten
  • Ballon Cup
  • not to forget: ALMABTRIEBE


Almabtrieb festival

Directly at the skirast you're able to see the procedure when the cattle is brought back to the valley after a long summer on the alpine pasture is called “Almabtrieb” and is celebrated with a big festival event yearly in september. The fact that the summer was  a successful time are celebrated with a lovely parties in the whole area of the kitzbueheler alps. culinary treats and music are waiting for you!


Midsummer fires

The traditional Midsummer fires ring in the summer in June. The fires and torches light up the kitzbuehel Alps and can be seen on the mountains through the night. Quite convenient that you can enjoy these impressive views over the illuminated mountains directly from the skirast!



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