Kids special

Homeoffice and Homeschooling take a lot of being narrrowness with them.. and we want to give you free space and still enjoying time with the whole family!


Book 2 double rooms, instead of a family room and save up to 25% on the kids price!

Kids from 6 to 12 years pay a price of  47,00 € per Person in an own double room
instead of 62,00 €

Kids from 3 - 6 years pay a price of 40,00 € per person in an own double room
instead of 62,00 €


More space and freedom for the whole family!
the double rooms are of course situated beside each other.

Right in such demanding times, Free space is more important than ever!


We are looking forward on your Inquiry!


Minimuum occupancy of a double room, 2 persons, or 2 children minimuum age 3 years




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